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Don Diablo


2015 - Present


A journey through space

Starting in 2015, Thundercode began providing Don Diablo with live content and live performances. Moving further, Don’s huge passion for film and cinematography together with his creative flair, expanded our collaboration to producing some of his music videos. Ever since, we have worked closely together in designing and creating content based on various stories to reflect the storytelling in his music, with inspiration from Sci-Fi and Futurism mixed with retro elements and landscapes.
Live shows

"The visuals throughout the show captured Don Diablo’s journey from toddler to music phenom. The atmosphere of the night was electrified by the stunning visuals and fan interactions. The visuals were eye grabbing and mystifying, taking the audience on a journey with abstract space inspired locations, underwater locations, and a bright neon forest. Additionally, the visuals tied in with the futuristic theme, stimulating the crowds’ eyes and ears." - Justin Lao review from Don Diablo's Forever Tour 2019 in New York City.

Concert visuals