World class live visuals and visual effects. ThunderCode will take your gig to the next level.

Showreel 2014

A summary of our work from 2013.

2013, what a year!2013 has been an incredible year for us, we’ve really got into the industry and made ​​a name. We’ve now gathered all material from 2013 and edited it together for our showreel for 2014. We’re sitting right now and producing new visuals and we promise you, the new visuals for this year will blow your mind! Please take a look at our new showreel and feel free to take a tour around our new website!

- ThunderCode crew

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ThunderCode VJing will take your shows to the next level. We travel to your event and perform live visuals that goes sync with the rhythm, feeling and tempo in the music that plays. We have full control over the visuals so when a drop comes we’ll sync it with the music which gives a massive effect on the audience.


When the creativity is at it’s highest possible top the results of our own produced visuals can’t be anything other than stunning and beautiful. The visuals that we’ve produce are made for the shows, to give the audience a unique experience they won’t forget. All the visuals that we produce are always in high definition and original. We produce both 2D and 3D animated visuals after the customers requirements.


We are perfectionists, everything we do shall have that little extra. When you see the graphics, visuals or the shows there we’re VJs at you shall see that it’s us. We provide all categories within graphical design. Which means that we can do exactly whatever you’re in need of. Logotypes, posters, covers, clothing design, web design etc.

And as always, contact us if you got any future questions.

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